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Top 1% Home Lending Team

Your Path to Homeownership


Top 1% Home Lending Team

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What we have to offer

Our Team is dedicated for a communication driven smooth client approach. We have access to 145+ Mortgage investors nationwide, which allows many options.

Delivering A Great Customer Experience Through Communication

We have been told with all we offer, the #1 thing that sets us apart is client experience


Our Communication is almost instant. With 1 phone number you can reach our entire team via text/phone 24/7


We represent more than 140+ Mortgage Investors nationwide. This gives us access to pretty much any mortgage product in the market nationwide.


With our price match guarantee, you can be sure you will be happy with your rate and fees. For average rates check out the rates tab


I big misconception by many is we only do purchase mortgages. However, we keep clients for life and with that comes many refinance opportunities as family's grow and change.


We have a great balance. We have industry leading tech to make your life easier, however we do not loose site of the human factor. We are just a text/call or email away at just about all times.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

We have a fast track pre-approval process. Get pre-approved within an hour

House Shopping

We give you the confidence you need with our 10,000 closing guarantee

Loan Application

Rather over the phone or online we make this super simple


Mortgage Programs

That depends on your family and needs. Watch the video below for a better overview. We have 100's of mortgage products.

145+ Mortgage Investors

This gives you a spot to look into more mortgage products and rates and fees than just about anywhere in town.

Jumbo Loans



First Time Homebuyer Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get often, and the most searched on google

What's Your Rate?

This is what everyone is taught to ask. But what they forgot is what goes into getting a mortgage rate. If you would like to see the averages you can at however, you have to have a full profile to get an accurate rate. Loan Level Pricing Adjustments (LLPA's) are a big part of what makes up a mortgage rate. Those are credit score, down payment, Debt-to-income ratio, State and Type of product rather Government Or Conventional or Non-QM. So anyone can tell you a rate, but unless they did the correct application process it will not be accurate.

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Will it hurt my credit?

A Trained mortgage professional or team will ALWAYS start with a soft credit check so it does not hurt you at all. So no risk on your end, or any money up front to see your options. If a mortgage professional wants to pull a hard credit check out of the gate or ask you for an application fee beware.

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How fast can you close a loan?

We can close a loan start to finish in 10 Days. Several things have to line up for that to happen but we do this often. However, the normal timeline for purchase contracts are around 30 days. But we save mortgage's from other companies on the regular and have to close them super quick.

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Is it better to use a mortgage broker or a bank?

A mortgage broker can offer a wider array of options and streamline the mortgage process, but working directly with a bank gives you more control and costs less others think. However, with our team you get the best of both worlds. You get array of options and streamline process with bank pricing. We can even place you with a bank if you would like.

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Is it best to use a mortgage broker?

It makes sense to choose a broker or adviser providing a 'whole of market' service. This means they can choose from the largest number of lenders and mortgages available. However, even 'whole of market' advisers don't cover everything and there are still some merits of going directly to the lender for your mortgage.

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What credit score is best for a mortgage rate?

Those with excellent credit (740 and above) usually secure the best rates, while scores above 640 can lead on government loans have great rates as well.

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What our clients & realtors say about us!


Harley Pope


Andrew and his team went above and beyond to take care of my clients! We closed early and were well updated as to what the next steps were from start to finish. Thank you Heisley team! Lets do it again soon!


Christopher Latham

Client / Local Guide

Andrew and his team were amazing. They gave me the opportunity and confidence to purchase a home when I thought there was no chance of it happening. The team was very attentive to my needs and concerns. Answered all my questions and kept me informed throughout the process.


Alyssa Gind

Client / Local Guide

This is my second loan with Andrew and his team and once again they were AMAZING! Great communication, timely responses, worked with my schedule and was able to answer all my questions. Also, did I mention they are so fast and efficient! Any mortgage needs, new loan, refinance and everything in between make sure this is your first stop! Thank you so much!

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